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 Assass Creed 3 (game)

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PostSubject: Assass Creed 3 (game)   Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:58 am

This game along with all the other ACs is badass, even more so with the engine they are using. you begin the game as a brit and do a few things here and there to start off, but the game doesnt really begin intell later, you start off as an indian child(trying not to give away to much info)and you grow up to be one of the assassins. the main character again is desmond using the animus. now in this new game you are in the revolutionary war, america vs the british. you get to take part in the boston tea party and many other actual events in the time period. with these time setting and being part indian you can now hunt, ride horse back whenever and not only scale building but they also have a mechanics for tree running(pretty badass if you ask me) along with a new weapon called the ropedart, with this you can actually hang MOFOs from trees or strangle them from afar.

Through this story as mentioned you go through the REV. time area helping to ensure america wins and G.Washington is successful in being a general along with a bunch of twists in the story. but i cant say to much about it or it would ruin it for those of you who have not played it.

the online portion of this game is very similar to brotherhood and Revelations but obbviously with new maps and character. the newely added Co Op isnt really what i was hoping for when they announced it but it is still fun, it is called Wolf pack(in the story they made the statement wolf pack several times) its similar to the normal multiplayer but you have to perform certain kill types and group kills to max your score and gain time so it is very team based.

Overall i give this game 5 out of 5
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Assass Creed 3 (game)
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